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08-22-2012, 03:39 PM
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Originally Posted by The Exiled One View Post
I'll amend my first statement to read "compensated professionals".

I'm not sure if they want it, but if I was a player, I'd vote for it. If I was a parent, I'd advise my kid to vote for it. If I was an agent, I'd advise my client to vote for it. If I was an owner, I'd advise my players to NOT vote for it. In fact, if I was an owner, I'd probably threaten my players to not vote for it in every way legally allowed.

BTW, though I'm obviously an NCAA fan based on my logo, I don't think a union helps NCAA hockey at all. If the compensation packages increased, more kids would probably choose that route, not less. I'm just for honesty and fair compensation... that's it.
Do you think the athletes in the NCAA will ever form a union? talk about getting exploited.

Just a quick question.. if Padulo or any ex MJ player is considered a PRO why isn't the new leagues they go to considered pro as well? $50 a week could be considered gas money. I know many teams give gas money to players and they still go NCAA? Shouldn't that be against NCAA rules?

It will be interesting to see if they get increased stipeneds and the teams then tax them on those stipends.

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