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12-04-2003, 08:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Servo
Now, I've never liked Hasek, so I'm probably not too objective, but does anyone else agree its disgraceful what he's done here (and that Holland and the Wings have gone along with it)? He made a conscious decision to retire, then decides to come back but refuses to play for a different team, knowing perfectly well that CuJo has only recently signed a deal. Its perfectly clear in how he talks that he doesn't care about CuJo in the least. (Just look at how he whined over CuJo being in the dressing room earlier in the season. He was there first, you jerk! You're the one who abandoned the team as soon as you got your precious Cup.) This could be devastating to the career of one of the finest goaltenders in the game (Curtis Joseph does not deserve to be on waivers, or playing in Grand Rapids or wherever the hell he's going to end up), and only so Mr. Ego can play where he wants to play. If I were Ken Holland I would have given Hasek two choices, let us trade your rights, or stay in Europe. The Wings can win with CuJo and Legacy as well as they can with Hasek.
No ... he decided to retire, ok, now he changed his mind. Detroit would much rather have him than CUJO. They are very happy that he unretired, they had hoped to be able to trade CUJO ... didn't work out. Why should he care about CUJO ... they're both being paid regardless, not his job to worry about the "emotional" well being of a grown man. CUJO will be fine, if he was this great goaltender, someone would pick him up on waivers ... this issue is that he used to be a good goaltender, got paid a lot, and isn't really that good anymore. Thats why no one is taking him right now.

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