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08-22-2012, 04:00 PM
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Originally Posted by CharlieGirl View Post
The fact is that most players won't gain any benefit from the education package as it's being proposed, and there are conflicting comments about changes to the weekly stipend the players receive. In return, they stand to lose a lot of the perks they currently enjoy (cell phones, training, gas allowance in some cases). Finally, there is a chance that a union such as this will result in some franchises folding.

I do believe that the current $50 per week for 16-17 year olds should be updated. I don't have a problem in extending the window where a player can access his education package.

From discussions with other OHL fans I know, adding $1.50 per ticket per game to fund a union will not sit well. If the players want a union, let them pay for it out of their own pockets. In no way should it come at the expense of the fans, and personally, I want no part of any of my money going to support a union.

And God help them if there is ever a work stoppage.
Does anybody seriously think this thing has a hope in hell of happening? The CHL will have it tied up before the courts for years...and years...and years. I'm not losing any sleep over it.

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