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Originally Posted by ChemicalHansen View Post
Encouraging article by @anguscertified on McNally.

He provides some quotes from college hockey media who have watched him more than anyone.
Good article.

To find out more about McNally, I called upon Kirk Luedeke (@kluedeke29) from the New England Hockey Journal and Red Line Report, and Joe Meloni (@CHNJoeMeloni) from College Hockey News.
Luedeke: He could be a top-3 defenseman and power play ace with his offensive ability, but he's going to have to simplify the play in his own end and not take so many risks.

Meloni: The Mark Streit comparisons he always made of himself really do seem to fit well. The offensive side of his game is such that he'll be able to produce points from the blue line regardless of the level he's playing at. It's not often a freshman defenseman picks up 22 assists in a college season, about half of which came on the power play.
Meloni: He's a big kid, and he needs to put on more weight. I'm guessing this has been a focus of his throughout the summer, and I'm sure he'll add to his 6-foot-2, 190 pound frame. In his own zone, his positioning and puck movement are already strong, and he's hardly a weak kid. But he needs to learn to his body better. As he adds he gets stronger, I see him rounding his game out well.
Meloni: Harvard's power play surprised a lot of people with how consistently productive it was, and Patrick was a huge part of that. As natural as he usually looks with the puck, he looks even more composed and fluid when running the power play.
Whether it's a break-out pass or settling things down at the point, he just seems like he's always in charge. There are a lot of very talented scorers and players with big shots at Harvard, but McNally made their power play go last season.

Sounds like we may have a true powerplay quarterback in the making. Edler is good on the pp and has a bomb of a shot, but I recall some scout a while back saying something to the extent that Edler may not exactly be a PP QB in the classic sense. It sounds like McNally could develop into one.

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