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Quality of Competition

Consider player A and player B (fictional)

Player A

CorsiRelQoC = -1
CorsiRel = 12
+/- Rel = 1.2

Player B

CorsiRelQoC = 1
CorsiRel = 3
+/- Rel = 0.4

Say they had comparable team mates, wouldn't player A be Mathematically superior since the quality of competition is only like 2-3% different while the other stats seems to vary strongly? The QoC difference I illustrated is pretty much worse case scenario too.

Just wanna talk about my impression that Quality of Teammates is almost always a more important consideration. (whether Corsi QoT or +/- QoT) That players that play a lot tend to play against a variety of players over a season and it averages out almost perfectly no matter what a coach tries to do.

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