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12-04-2003, 09:09 AM
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Originally Posted by dawgbone
If Lowe bails out from what he wants to get, what exactly is going to stop the next Oiler from doing something like this?

Giving up Comrie and Rita for Langkow is insane... not only do the Yotes get the better player, they give up a top prospect, so the Yotes are better now, and in the future.

You want to talk about asset management in business... you don't sell a valuable asset to your market competetor for 10 cents on the dollar..

edit: I said the islanders instead of coyote's at first.
Come on man, I jump on your don't burn MacT at the stake bandwagon, the least you could do is help me out with taking the emotion out of the negotiations and turning the asset into something.

READ this...10% on the dollar is better than 0% on the dollar. I think that Kevin Lowe should have been aggressive in moving Comrie. I think that all of the other GMs like Waddell and Doug Wilson(Who both have said publicly that Lowe didn't seem to be too anxious to move Comrie.) are more anxious to get Comrie than Lowe is to trade him.

For what it's worth, Kevin Lowe wins right now...he didn't buckle to Mike, made him sit for over a quarter of the season. Great Kevin, you have the biggest balls of them all.

Kevin Lowe just wants everyone to know that he can't be screwed with. Well if you have top 6 forward depth and can afford to sit on Comrie indefinitely. When you have little top 6 depth, you may have an inclination to do something.

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