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08-22-2012, 11:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Swic21 View Post
It's not easy to put on 5 pounds of muscle. Especially only working out 3 times a week. Thats only 12 workouts lol. You may have been kidding, but 5 pounds of muscle is big progress.
I'm about 6' and kind of a thick dude, so I put muscle on a little easier than some. Also those are twelve two and a half hour work outs, with a good diet and rest. The nature of the work out is important also. Olympic lifts and lots of compound, power lifts that recruit multiple large muscle groups.

That is both the kind of work out that promotes explosive strength and athleticism, and adds muscle the fastest. That and lots of calories and a gallon of skim milk a day (lots of not only protein, but also insulin like growth factor in milk, which makes mammals grow).

5 pounds in a month for a 6'4'' guy who's job it is to work out isn't a bad month, assuming additional mass isn't the only thing he's been working on. If he added strength and speed, while still maintaining his aerobic performance and conditioning and coordination, then yeah, that's not a bad month. If all he did was try to get bigger, and he added 5 lean pounds...then he either had a bad month or he just isn't ever going to be able to add mass easily. Some guys are like that.

I was half joking when I posted before. I really don't know enough about Couturier or what he's doing in his work outs to make a serious assessment. I'd bet he's being guided by professionals, so he's probably doing just fine.

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