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08-23-2012, 12:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Martini View Post
LOL whut? Unless there is something I am missing, to compare a defenseman the caliber of Edler to a proven winner in Patrick Kane is almost laughable. I dont see Edler taking on the task of trying to stop another teams top line and see him more as a power play specialist who hits on occasion. A taller Brian Campbell lite, if you will without the elite skating or vision.

The simple fact that he isnt better then either of the top pairing on the Hawks? Is he a top pairing defenseman on the Canucks? Sure he is, but that says more about them then it does about the Hawks. To get an elite talent such as Patrick Kane, the onus would be to upgrade your team with an actual upgrade, and there isnt one in Edler over Keith or Seabrook, which might be the best top pairing in all of the NHL. Throw in Lu, and his horrid contract, and while thats a clear upgrade in net for the Hawks, doesnt do them anything positive in reguards to the salary cap.

Not that Patrick Kane would be traded, but if he were to be traded to the Canucks, it would be for a much, much better package then that.
1) That Seabrook is better than Edler is debateable
2) By your logic I can say neither Keith nor Seabrook were number 1 dmen last year, because both of Nashville's top pairing dmen were better. Yes Keith-Seabrook is a fantastic pairing. It doesn't make Edler a worse player, just like I wouldn't call Kane a 2nd-line player just because he would play on our 2nd line.

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