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Originally Posted by 701 View Post
Hi, I'm 701, which was the street address of my boyhood home in St. Paul, Minnesota.

I now live in Kits, but lived in Yellowknife's Old Town from 1976 to 1982. Before that I lived, studied, and taught in NYC's Greenwich Village, and before that I was a college and graduate student in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I've played and loved hockey since childhood, and have been a fan of the North Stars, Rangers, Habs, Islanders (the Cup teams), and Flames, before moving to Vancouver in 1982.

I'm now a musician and wildlife photographer, after careers as an NYU English teacher, and later as an archeological explorer by canoe in the taiga and tundra of the NWT.

I travel widely . . . in fact, just today I returned from Brazil, and I'm completely wiped from lack of sleep. The last bed I slept in was in the Atlantic Rainforest 3 or 4 hours' drive from Rio de Janeiro. Most of the time I was on the Amazon river and in the enormous Pantanal wetland. But Vancouver is lovely to return to. I'm always going somewhere, like flying from here to Easter Island, Kilimanjaro, Quito, Kerala, Paris, Auckland, or Manaus, but I love coming home, and the smell and feel of the soft air here was perfect today after boiling in the wild parts of Brazil.

I'm a passionate Canucks fan and HFBoards lurker/poster, and I check the boards first thing when I manage to get online while away . . . last week or whenever it was, the howler monkeys were spectacularly active while the Canucks management appeared to be spectacularly dead.
Are you a professional photog?

Kerala is nice. My wife is from there so i spend a bit of time over there.

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