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04-30-2006, 09:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Burberry Manning
Leinart has been playing in big games his whole career. He has also been playing with the 2nd best offensive line in college football, the best running back I have ever seen in college football, Mike Williams and Dwayne Jarrett, and has the support of a fantastic defense.
And against top defenses. Look at virtually any college QB, and you would be hard pressed to have anyone, outside of Byron Leftwich, who has done it "by themselves".
Frankly, I think you could put Chris Rix in that offense and he would lead SC to some championships.
Oh, come on. You cannot be serious. When was the last time Rix completed a 4th & 11 pass in a HUGE game, while suffering from a concussion?
You ask what is there not to like about Leinart? Aside from the questions that he may be a product of his environment, you have his past injury concerns(ACLs, shoulder) coupled with his lack of mobility(unless you have a RB to push him into the endzone) and his inadequate arm strength.
You are searching for justification. Look hard enough and EVERY college QB will have questions. There are times to go for it though and this was it.
The Jets made the right pick.
Jets made the safe pick. It is too early to tell if it was the right pick. We'll see in a few years, but my gut tells me that while Ferguson will do very well, the Jets will be biting themselves at the elbows for passing on Leinart.
I would look to solidify my o-line for the next 10 years with D-Brick and Mangold.
You could have solidified it with Mangold & one of Justice or Ituli.

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