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08-23-2012, 09:23 AM
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Originally Posted by bernmeister View Post
With a week left in August, let's try this one before the thread phases out...

Assume all NMCs, NTCs, if any, waived. Something around (numbers are cap hit)

Rangers give up Stepan (1 yr 825,000) + Staal (3.975 for 3 years) [total 4.8m this season] + Rangers 3rd 2013 pick and 3rd 2014 pick
get back
Larssen from NJ (2 yrs 925,000 per), Tim Gleason ($4m for 4 yrs) [total 4.925m this season] from Carolina + ‘Canes 2nd 2013 pick and ‘Canes 2nd 2014 pick from Carolina

Carolina gives up
Gleason $4m for 4
Semin, 7m for 1 year
Skinner 1 yr 1.4m, 6 yrs 5.725 m for 6 yrs after
Faulk, 2 yrs 900,000 per
McBain 1.8 per 2 yrs
Roughly 8.9 next year
+ 2nd 2013 pick and ‘Canes 2nd 2014 pick

Staal (3.975 for 3 years) + Kovalchuk (6.6+m for next 6 years +, ending 2025) + [total 10.575 this season] + Rangers 3rd 2013 pick and 3rd 2014 pick

Jersey gives up Larssen (2 yrs 925,000 per) + Kovalchuk (6.6+m for next 6 years +, ending 2025) [total 7.525 this season]
gets back
Alex Semin (7m for 1 year), Jeff Skinner (1 yr 1.4m, 6 yrs 5.725 m for 6 yrs after), Stepan (1 yr 825,000), Justin Faulk (2 yrs 900,000 per), McBain (1.8 per 2 yrs) [total 11.925 this season]

Devs believed to have real $$ issues, possibly likely forced to move at least Kovy. So instead of basic 3 way w/principals Staal + Stepan for Skinner + and basically Skinner for Larssen, the deal is expanded specifically to meet NJ need to deal w/cash finance issues. Devils get 5 for 2, and initially are 4.4 in cap hit over, BUT have ability to juggle roster to compensate or, if cash at a premium, can auction Semin off to highest bidder, which would cap wise push them from 4.4 down to 2.6 savings, not counting whatever salary is added with picks for Semin. They will seek to avoid this, since Semin is a great 1 year stop gap for Parise. More importantly long term, NJ saves close to a mil per on Skinner v. Kovy cap hit, with Skinner being a multi-year term that is more attractive than Kovy’s seemingly unending pact. On D losing Larssen hurts, but you get one nice building block in Faulk, plus McBain. Stepan is another block, or valued trade chip, adding depth to NJ’s F.

Canes give up a lot but upgrade to a mega line of Kovalchuk to added to Staal brothers Jordan and Eric at F, with Marc the anchor at D.

Rangers downgrade in Gleason, a nice piece but slightly overpriced at $4 m per, though still movable, compared to Staal. However, and well worth the cost of Stepan, Rangers get Larssen, a top righty D with very high potential to partner with McDonagh. Now all they have to do is sign both long term. NY also upgrades next two 3rd rounders into two 2nd rounders. We are stretched a little bit thinner, for the moment, at C, but Larrsen is worth it, with speedy JT Miller joining the fast Kreider and Callahan on the 2nd line.

NY’s D corps:
McDonagh - Larssen
MDZ - Girardi
Gleason - Stralman
Im not so sure I'd trade Stepan for Gleason and Larson straight up. Thats how valuable centers are in this league.

But hey, why dont we throw in Staal too.

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