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08-23-2012, 10:19 AM
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Originally Posted by thrillhouse99 View Post
I'm not a hockey expert but I do have a fair amount of expertise with golf equipment. When you send back a golf club to get it replaced they know where the shaft can break under normal circumstances (under the grip, at the neck, on the kickpoint) and they know the telltale signs of other kinds of damage.

I would assume that a hockey company would know the same about their sticks. They know how the structure of the stick works and they know how and why it would break. Therefore I would assume they will be able to figure out how it broke.
i have a question for you, lets say someone had a few drinks on the golf course and made a bet they could toss up a ball and baseball smash it with their driver. say this person connected perfectly and the ball sailed but the club head broke right at the neck. this person won $100 but broke their driver (6months old). would it be replacable under warranty?

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