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08-23-2012, 10:23 AM
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Originally Posted by InglewoodJack View Post
Anyone going to JMSB frosh? I'm thinking of hitting up some of the events, except I know absolutely no one in business (except Coldplay ).
I'll be everywhere (CASA Prez)... make sure you hit up EVERYTHING. This would be my 4th Frosh and we've gone above and beyond the previous three. The great thing about Frosh is that the vast majority of students are just like you; they know absolutely no one. So everyone is beyond welcoming and you'll literally make a hundred friends over the week. It bodes well when you begin walking into classes and you already know a bunch of people in the room. Most classes have group projects nowadays, so it will also help you out in that regard.

If anyone has any questions about YOFO/CASA Frosh/JMSB Frosh, don't be shy. I'll answer anything you guys have.

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