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12-04-2003, 10:32 AM
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When you have a 5 on 3 for almost a full 2 minutes, and a 6-4 to end the game, the least you can do is generate quality oppertunities, the Oilers were up 2 men and couldnt even get the shot they wanted, their PP is embarassing, Ales Hemsky should not get a milli-second of PP time, he has too much patience and never has his positioning down. The PP is slow, and more predictable then a Saved by the Bell re-run that I've seen 19 times...( I wonder how Zack is gonna be able to sneak into Mr. Dewey's house and get the answers for the Math test before Mr. Dewey comes back from Tae Kwon Do???).

I sat in a packed bar watching the Minny game, and literally got up and yelled at the TV, while we worked our PP, It is not a science, if the play is going on behind the net, and you are up 2 men, then pinch, close the gap a bit, don't stand on the blue line when you can walk in another 10 ft. I watch teams with marginal talent run their PP's and they make it look so easy. Minny had total control on their PP's, on one they had it in our zone the entire 2 minutes. They have one talented player and the rest of pluggers, if they can score on the PP, then anyone can. why do they score on PP's, because they have a system!!!

The Oilers look like a bunch of 13 year old boys at their first dance, hesitant, nervous, undecided, no confidence to ask Sally for a slowdance. Im sure it's not as easy as I make it sound, but it CAN'T be as hard as the Oilers make it look.

Our coaching staff needs to be shook up like a crying baby.

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