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08-23-2012, 11:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Kreiders Underwear View Post
Driving back from Bell Boulevard tonight down Northern Boulevard into Little Neck and Northern is repaved with no lanes. A guy turning left wasn't where the turn lane would be, he was in the left lane, so I simply maneuvered around him at the light to continue down Northern, at Douglaston Boulevard, and then was pulled over by a cop for not signaling a lane change....

He asked me if I had anything to drink tonight and I said, "a bottle of water" and then he breathalized me and it showed up a big fat 0.00

He let me off with a warning to signal from now on. LOL. Pulled over for not signaling on a newly paved road with no lane markings. Then breathalized. Incredible.
Funny you were on Bell Boulevard, my sister was there last night to celebrate her 21st birthday. Good thing she didn't get breathalized She's never gotten pulled over though, just a lot of stupid accidents.

Speaking of stupid accidents, I was following my friend to McDonald's and stopped at a red light behind him. He puts his Jeep in reverse and smashes into my front bumper. WTF bro.

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