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Originally Posted by mt_mtl View Post
What's a 'soft more slump'??
Predictive text on my iPhone. Sophomore slump...

Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
Points aren't everything but Kaberle is still solid defensively when he is in shape. With Toronto he was playing a lot of tough minutes and he never had bad +- numbers despite playing on non playoff teams. Just because he isn't a punishing hitter you equate that as being bad defensively. Lidstrom never had a hit on the TSN highlights but he was good defensively because of his hockey sense and anticipation, Kaberle and Markov play the same way. Not saying Kaberle is as good defensively as Listrom was but he isn't the MA Bergeron liability you describe him as.

Last year most of the team looked bad in the second half, guys not buying in to Cunneyworth's system, too many 1 goal losses and an obvious "malaise" around the team. I think if Therien can change the attitude from day 1 a lot of guys will be a lot better namely Bourque Kaberle Plekanec, adding a leader like Gionta and a stud like Markov(healthy) should also be a big plus.

I don't see any reason Emelin and Diaz would have a "sophmore slump", they had their growing pains last year being "thrown into the fire" very early due to injuries. They are not 19-20-21 year old kids they have been in pro hockey 6-7 years. The NA and NHL adjustments are over, I expect a pretty big jump in production from both.
Never did I ever say he was bad because he wasn't a punishing hitter, so AGAIN PLEASE STOP MAKING UP THINGS I DIDN'T SAY TO BACK UP YOUR ARGUEMENT. Jesus, you're really annoying when you constantly have to revert to making up comments that posters didn't say to try to prove your points.

If you think Kaberle is a solid top 4 defender that's fine. I think you're delusional but hey, you've proved you tend to over value players you like in the past. I doubt you'd say Kaberle was solid if he played for another team. He played for a Stanley Cup Championship team and was a HUGE disappointment when he was there. He was a fatty in Carolina and after a few good games for us, dropped off the face of the earth. If you're argument that we have an "above average" defense rests on Kaberle than you're even more delusional than I thought.

As for your contention of Diaz and Emelin not having a sophomore slump, you’re reasoning is suspect at best. PK was thrown into the fire, as you put it in you post and he had a sophomore slump. Price had one as well after his breakout year and neither Diaz or Emelin are as good as the aforementioned players. It's a sophomore slump for a reason. Nearly every second year player after having a breakout rookie season tends to struggle in their second year for whatever reason. Hab players aren't immune from this just because you think they aren't.

Point is that the Habs don't have a very good defense. i doubt you'll hear anyone in the NHL or fans who follow say how are defense is a strength of the Habs because it isn't.

Markov hasn't effectively played in 2 years. Neither has Kaberle with any effectiveness. Gorges is solid, PK is hot and cold and the rest are sophomores and about to retire vet. How this rag tag defensive core is deemed to be better than average is beyond me, especially when we're lacking so much on our back end.

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