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08-23-2012, 02:09 PM
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Well not that i expect anyone on this board to like my tastes in music--especially since much of what I like is not even in english --but still for those adventurous enough to recognize great artists and great songs even if in foregin languages I will tip you off to my latest discovery (again searching my like of certain Italian pop and rock music artists) I think the next big thing out there is : BIANCA ATZEI ...
(original,fresh and vey different from the pablum parading as pop that pollutes the airwaves today -she is a scratchy-voiced but capable of reaching the heights with the nest of them songstress who combines aspects of Winehouse's modern edginess ,Adele's soaring vaults and Piaf's power, emotion and scratchiness--all combined with the attitude you get from Italian and the combo is meserizing...Google her and view the You Tube clips of LA GELOSIA and L'AMORE VERO ---of course it also helps in viewing her clips that she has stunning looks and a sexy body,but even if you just heard her sing those songs you would be admiiting this is something special and different than the usual --she would be the next "big thing" if she sung in English --but even so--take my word--go check her out...

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