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08-23-2012, 02:13 PM
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Here is one of Dan's answers which was really informative:

I feel like NBC is in a state of chaos that may or may not be ended by this latest regime, but in any case, at the moment of my firing, lacked the concern, coordination, foresight and muscle to make Sony understand what a needlessly risky move they were making.
I think Sony took the risk because they didn't see it as a risk. What's at risk when your show's been moved to purgatory, etc. I feel like taking me off Community was as obviously foolish as you see most people saying.
I think the rumors you hear about me being bad at my job, especially the empty, overblown stuff about Chevy, are the best possible attempt anyone can make at making a very confusing, very dumb thing seem less confusing and less dumb.
I also feel relieved and excited and proud and smug. I feel like I win and they lose. My writers and I bled for that show and we would have kept doing it, in spite of Sony's attitude, for one reason: the fans. If it weren't for the fans, we all would have quit after season two. That show stopped being about our fulfillment the day Sony told us the Dungeons and Dragons episode was their least favorite. It stopped being about the writers' fulfillment the day Greenblatt told me he had seen "about half" the episodes but wanted to know how we could stop making it "too weird to follow The Office." There was a point where the only thing getting the writers out of bed was the joy of the viewer, which was plenty, even though Sony was doing everything in their power to make us miserable. So you can see how a company taking it upon themselves to martyr me the way they did was a pretty clean way out of a pretty tough spot for me. At the end of this thing, I'm rich, people want to work with me, audiences respect me, I don't have to work for Sony anymore and I can even feel sorry for myself if I feel like it. It's a pretty sweet ending to a crazy story.
That's how I honestly feel. Answering honestly does me no favors, but I want to take the "anything" part of "ask me anything" seriously, because Reddit made Community. And that's the part of this whole thing that bums me out, is that the only people that stand to suffer are the only people that never made a dime. The people that put free labor into Community. The people that got tattoos of it, the people that made halloween costumes and birthday cakes and tee shirts and music videos about it. They're the only people not walking away with millions of dollars and they're the only people that EVER MATTERED and ever understood the show.
So I feel good bad. I feel terrible awesome. I feel proud ashamed. I feel engorged on my own starvation, I feel like the biggest con artist and sucker in the history of monsters and heroes.
Any fan of Community will appreciate that answer

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