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08-23-2012, 01:21 PM
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1h Jesse Spector ‏@jessespector
Look, I don't blame Bettman. He's just a spokesman for 30 rich dudes (corporations are people, too!) who want to be even richer. Tough spot.

1h Jesse Spector ‏@jessespector
Note use of present tense. Then look at this summer's transactions. MT @michaelgrange: Bettman: 'we think we're paying too much in salaries'

2h Jesse Spector ‏@jessespector
Bettman is making it clear that the NHL has one goal in CBA talks: Paying the players less money. Naked greed. HE'S SAYING THIS OUT LOUD.

2h Jesse Spector ‏@jessespector
Then there's just one issue. % of HRR. MT @drosennhl: Bettman: NHL & PA have to agree on core econ issues b4 revenue sharing & contracts.

2h Jesse Spector ‏@jessespector
Fundamentals: Both sides want max $ RT @renlavoierds: Bettman: "difficult to make progress when you don't know what are the fundamentals."

2h Jesse Spector ‏@jessespector
Yeah, keep testing them. RT @markhmasters Bettman on damage lockout could do: 'We recovered last time bc we have the world's greatest fans'

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