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Originally Posted by Boom Boom Anton View Post
I personally find it hard to side with guys who make millions and in many cases don't even perform close to the level of their contract and still get paid and are currently taking in 57%(?) of the league revenue. If the players on the ice don't perform, the owner in many cases loses money yet the player still get's his salary though. Think about how much money Karmanos lost because the players couldn't come up big the last game of the season in 2 of the last 5 years. I'm not siding with either side on this, just think it's a bit much painting the players as some sort of victim in all this.
That's a good point, but just to play devil's advocate, is it really fair to expect players to "perform" in a zero-sum game? They work their butts off and play a very physically demanding and dangerous game against other professional hockey players working just as hard. They ought to get paid for that, regardless of the outcome, cause somebody's gotta lose. The owners know (or should know) the inherent risk in owning a professional sports franchise.

My heart is with the players, which might not be rational. Ultimately I'll be happy for hockey to happen again even if the players have to give up a lot, but I bet hockey would be more fun to watch if the players got their way.

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