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04-30-2006, 12:13 PM
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Originally Posted by True Blue
Always the argument when one is trying to discredit a QB. It has yet to actually be factual. Leinart has been playing against the top college defenses for 3 years.
Alright, being that you're not a Jet fan I'll play along.
Nobody is trying to discredit Leinart by saying that Ferguson was a better/safer pick...for the situation the Jets are in Ferguson is the better/safer pick. Again, this in no means is intended to discredit Leinart.
And again, you can't compare the environment Leinart was in at USC and what type of environment he "could have/would have" been if the Jets picked him.

Originally Posted by True Blue
When you have been a league-wide joke for much of your franchise history, the answer is "Who cares"? When you have a chance to get a franshicse QB, you do it.
Would you have called Tom Brady a "franchise" QB when he was drafted?
And look at the situation Leinart is in now. Do you still think Leinart will be that "charismatic leader" and lead the Cardinals...the Cardinals to anything?

Originally Posted by True Blue
Where did I say that? The Jets need not have Leinart be the starter this year. THey could have had Leinart, still picked the center that they did and had one of the other USC guards (Justice or Ituli).
You specifically pointed out that Leinart would be that "charismatic leader who would lead and win". Please refer to your prior posts.
Unfortunately, the Jets are not/were not in a position to pick IYO a "franchise" QB and let him ride the bench for the year in the hopes he steps in next season. Again, I think you are trying to discredit what kind of player Ferguson is and the position he plays and what it means in the long term.

Originally Posted by True Blue
He has his issues as well. Height is a problem. There are reasons he was around so late in the 2nd round.
C'mon, not buying it. The big knock on Clemens and why he fell in the 2nd round was because he broke his ankle. What's with "around so late in the 2nd round"? You make it sound like the Jets picked him up on waivers or something. lol.
Talk about issues...if Leinart is such a genius than why did he return to school for one more year? And don't tell me to get an education because then the discussion is over, lol. He could have went #1 overall last he gets to hang out with a subpar team in the desert with a brand new stadium that will never sell out unless a SuperBowl is played there. Issues. Name a football player that doesn't have issues, lol.

Originally Posted by True Blue
Can you point to where I said that?
Let's not get cute over symantics. Your inferences such as "how on earth can you pass on Leinart?"...well the Jets weren't the only team that passed on him. "If I were a Jet fan I would be extremely mad". But you're not a Jet fan and yet you're getting annoyed because of some posts from some Jet fans defending the selection of Ferguson over passing on Leinart. "They should prey White falls to 29". Prey? This is obviously an indication of what you know about the draft. "Better pick not named Bush". That comment is just ridiculous.

Originally Posted by True Blue
I do not have to get over anything. I have said my opinion and that is that. Sure they had a pretty good draft, but it could have been great.
And if it was a great draft it could have been even greater right? Geez.

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