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08-23-2012, 01:55 PM
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Originally Posted by 86Habs View Post
Ward's Conn Smythe was 6 years ago (it will be 8 when Sochi rolls around) and since then he's done nothing to establish himself as an elite goalie in the NHL, so the Cup and Conn Smythe are old news. IMO his CS was pretty weak anyway, and I'd put both Staal and Brind'Amour ahead of him in terms of their performance that playoff. To turn your argument around, Fleury should be on the team because he won a (more recent) Cup and was excellent in that playoff run as well.

Ward's numbers may look better if he played on a better team than Carolina, but the fact that Hockey Canada didn't select him at least as the 3rd stringer in 2010 doesn't bode well for his chances in 2014 in my view. He's probably behind Price, Luongo and Fleury already at this point, and Smith and Holtby will both probably pass him too if they have seasons like the last though I suspect one of them will come back down to earth. So he has some work to do, for sure. I'm hoping he can, because obviously we're lacking in terms of elite goaltending at the moment (its pretty bad when we're considering Mike Smith for an OG team).
How was it weak? Carolina had no defense and he backstoped them with very good stats. It wasn't even controversy that he beat out Staal despite Staal's 28 points. On the second part, how is that turning my arguement around? Ward's been completely better than Fleury, who cares that Fleury has a more recent cup.

Ward's numbers may look better? They would definitely look better, and they'll already very good. It mean's absolutely nothing that he didn't make the 2010 team, Fleury was more established for Team Canada and let's be honest, the third stringer will never play a game.

I really think you know nothing about Cam Ward. You're acting like he's putting up crap stats on a crap team and doing nothing. He's putting up extremely good stats on one of the worst defenses in the league, he faces the most saves and he steals more games than any goalie in the league. Team Canada raved about him before this years WC, there is no way he is behind Price and Fleury. Luongo is the only one ahead of him currently.

Ward is a top 5 goalie in the league, he's currently Canada's best goalie, I don't know how you can say he's not elite.

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