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Originally Posted by shutehinside View Post
There'a a term called a sophomore slump for a reason. It happens often enough in the NHL that they actually came up with a term for it. Just because your fail to recognize it doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

PK went from scoring 14 goals as a rookie to scoring 7. According to you that's considered progressing? Okay than.

Kaberle was NOT effective enough to win a Cup. In fact the Bruins won it in spite of the fact that he did absolutley nothing for them on the PP, which is why they got him in the first place. He put up 47 points TWO YEARS AGO. Hence, you proved my point that he's sucked for the past 2 years. Why on earth and what justification would you have to think that he'd be any better considering he's 2 years older, fatter and less relevant???

So it's not a big deal that Markov hasn't played in 2 years beacuase things will "take care of themselves" IF he doesn't get hurt.

You have a lot of variables and uncertainties to back your assertion that the Habs defense, and I quote "is better than average." For them to be better than average, Markov has to not get hurt and rub off 2 years of rust. Kaberle has to go back to his production of 2 years ago even though he won't be playing 1st unit numbers, PK has to be consistent even though he hasn't shown that yet and Diaz and Emelin can't go through a sophomore slump because they are, according to you, "came from srong pro leagues in Europe in their mid 20's.

That's a hell of a lot of question marks. I stand by my intitial comment that we dont't have a very good defensive corp. If we need them to basically play perfect and not get injured for them to be "above average" than I'll take that as a confirmation of my intial comment.
Just because there is a "term for it" doesn't mean it happens to everybody. Did it happen to Stamkos(51 goals and 95 points)? Did it happen to Tavares(+13 points from rookie year)? Did it happen to Seguin(+45 points)? Did it happen to Weber(17 goals and 40 points 2nd year)? It's more the exception than the rule. It COULD happen to Diaz and Emelin, but based on the growing pains and the tough minutes they had to play early on, I think the odds are heavily in our favor that they will be much more prepared to play top 4 minutes and play a big role this year. They always had the physical tools but no NHL experience, well they gained a lot of that last year.

I'm not saying we have a good or a bad defense. I think there is a big gap from best case(above average/top 10 in the NHL) to worst case(below average/bottom 1/3). I don't necessarily think everything will go "best case scenario" or "worst case scenario", the middle ground to me is an average defense and a fair bit better than last year. You are painting it with your doom and gloom worst case scenario brush, I can do taht with any team and they miss the playoffs. If Markov is 80% of the played he was 3 years ago then a lot of issues quickly go away. Markov must be due for a bit of good luck.

PS I didn't realise that PK's only role on the team was scoring goals.

Originally Posted by shutehinside View Post
I don't think he improved by a substantial margin. In fact I think most fans expected more from him in his second year. He had a really slow start and was far from being the top defender he was at the end of the previous year. He got better as the year went on but his offense lagged as his defense got better, which it did. Overall though, I find it hard to say he was "substantially" better than his first year. I'd say he was marginally better at best. In any case, it's obviously subjective and splitting hairs.
Part of why his goal scoring dropped is having to play big minutes against top lines. The year before Spacek-Hamrlik mostly did that and PK had a more offensive role. Plus having a weaker PP also hurt his numbers.

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