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08-23-2012, 03:38 PM
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If Jones really believes he's the best pound for pound then he should have taken this fight no questions. It's not like Sonnen has been training for him either. Jeez talk about pussing out. I liked Jones but the longer he's been champ the more he seems to do things that just rub me the wrong way, like turning down a reasonable match. I don't understand why White doesn't threaten to strip him of the title (maybe he can't?)... Too much prima dona **** happening in MMA, imagine if you told these guys they had to do an original tournament style UFC event. Those guys had no idea who they were fighting next, all they had was confidence in their own abilities and no fear. Take the fear out of MMA and stop letting the fighters decide who and when they fight, we don't need boxing style ducking of opponents. If i was White i'd be so pissed i'd force him to fight Silva if he beats Machida, it's what everybody wants anyways.

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