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Originally Posted by Leachmeister2000
I wonder who takes the bait as the '88 Toyota tercel?
I had a '90 Tercel back in the day. Those things are absolutely unkillable. I never took it in for a and skipped oil changes regularly. When I sold it in 2001, it was still going. For all I know it might still be going.

I had an '80 Tercel too, a hand-me-down from my Mom that then went to my brother. Similar lack of care. He sold it for 50$ in '95 or so. The guy drove off in it.

I have the utmost respect for the old Tercels.

The only Hab that compares to that survivability is Steve Begin, but he's got a bigger engine, the body of a stock car, and thrives on demolition derbies, so it's not a good match. Even if he's like the Tercel in that he never quits and never dies, come what may.

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