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08-23-2012, 04:53 PM
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The owners are saying up front they want a new look to the cba. They are telling us to our faces what they want. Fehr is playing games and giving diversions, playing up any aspect he can to win support.

I don't even believe the owners "won" the last cba. Everyone knew a drastic change was needed and was gonna happen. The players held out as long as the could to make it as limited as possible. They left with ufa at a ridiculously earlier age, minimum pay of half a million a year, and was that when salary arbitration became what it is now? Because that's a hugely inflationary tool. They also got the offer sheet compensation dropped, as well as the no trade after an offer sheet is matched. Some of these play out more than others but they hardly left empty handed.

They gave into a cap system, which hasn't hurt them at all. It's been a boon to them from what it seems. Guys getting locked up early to huge deals out of fear of losing the player to an offer sheet, or cap concerns, or early ufa. Did Jordan staal, he of the forced trade situation and the 60 million extension lose something in the last lockout? Fear of the offer sheet just gave a two year player in skinner a ridiculous extension that the nhlpa is already making the most of.

I'm tired of the whole, "we gave them everything....and they want more!!" stance which to me is crap. Can we think of some players that actually got hurt by the cba last time?

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