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Originally Posted by 29dryden29 View Post
I am saying they hired the weasel because of his background. I am sure they are comfortable with him putting together the proposals for the negotiations he would have it sent to them they look it over and say yay or nay what is so difficult to understand there.
But you're acting as if the owners never even give any input before a proposal is drafted. For the most part NHL owners are shrewd businessmen. Do you truly believe they are all comfortable with allowing the commissioner, a commissioner who has been at the helm for two lockouts no less, simply getting his own staff together to draft a proposal without giving any input at all? Do you honesty think they just sit around waiting to get a fax from Bettman with a proposal, and just hope that he includes the things they are wishing for? That sounds less like a sports league commissioner's job, and more like a job for Santa Claus.

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