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Originally Posted by mesamonster View Post
Would you ever entertain the idea that if the COG was going to cover your losses as long as there was some hope of finding a new owner that you might suggest to your friend GJ to just throw his hat into the ring. As long as GB controls the narrative then who is to know the real truth. GJ refuses to meet with the media to discuss his bid or any of the details that surround his partners. Why is that? He has nothing to lose by doing so, the capital for the purchase is not what GW is hot and bothered about. By sharing details with the fan base and the taxpayers of Glendale he would be creating the Goodwill necessary to help sell tickets and suites for next year, what harm is in that? MH realized this was a good idea to get out in front of your constituency early and often. Unfortunately he was unable to come up with the funds to purchase the team and w/o the public subsidies was forced to withdraw. The issues with both the COG and GWI are resolved so what is the issue? Even if he came out and said we believe we have a deal but are awaiting the outcome of the CBA negotiations, that would be positive development. He has refused to do any of these which is why my skepticism is so high. And, to your point, he does not seem to have the financial wherewithal to maintain the ongoing projected deficits, so once again a giant red flag. I am an off season resident of Scottsdale, I am a Coyote fan but look at this charade with from a business perspective, I have done many deals in my career, all of which have some semblance of an exit strategy, in this deal I see only closed doors for any prospective purchaser given the shackles imposed by the COG in the AMF!

I hear you and you have a few interesting thoughts to throw into this convo, but i would not hold them as truth quite so much as you seem to think they are. The league has had ample time and opportunity to move the franchise if they really thought it wouldn't work, they wouldn't make up fake people to buy the team just to string COG into paying 25 mil. There is something definitely strange about all this silence and lack of progress but i am 1000% positive they are dedicated to keeping the team right where it is.

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