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08-23-2012, 05:13 PM
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Originally Posted by artilector View Post
CBA talks have been sabotaged by KHL agents...

Re: Hunter, he was not an ideal coach, but he had undeniable positives, e.g. the first Caps coach with the balls to make his superstars accountable, not afraid to cut their (or anybody else's) ice-time. Too much so, perhaps, but that was a much-needed first in the Ovi era.

So, I didn't at all like the style that he coached, but thought he was a decent coach, consistent, had a clear team identity, and the only major objective negative was the lack of communication. But.. show me a coach without warts..

It's been a long time since I saw a Caps team play that hard consistently in the playoffs. They really believed in each other and had each other's backs.

But the talent was pretty thin as we have discussed ad infinitum (no C depth, Wideman sucking, yadda yadda). The Game 5 loss against the Rags was heartbreaking as was the worst 2:00 powerplay in the history of the NHL in the 3rd of Game 7. Just pathetic.

Hunter was radical and I'm not surprised he'd seen enough of this bunch. What I wouldn't give for a 10 yr series of bold, thought-out trades, FA signings and drafting! But no, we get to hope Wolski decides to play hard for once in his career.

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