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08-23-2012, 06:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Fish Invictus View Post
What? I just went through his game logs. He has 53 games out of 120 total (including playoffs) where his save percentage is below .900. One of us is clearly very bad at counting.

...Well, it's not me. I just recounted, and got 53 games below .900 once again.

I consider the 09-10 season a fluke because it simply is. He was part of a unique situation where, despite clearly lacking the skill to put up the numbers he did (anybody watching could see that), he did anyways because of the exceptional defense in front of him. That's an extremely unusual and rare occurrence. It's one year that's very unlike the others.
I'm talking averages not individual games. Look at my post on the last page. Essentially says he has had three seasons of sustained play (19, 34, and 34 games). Throw in his eight game campaign his first year and that is 90+ games of over .900 save percentage. His other seasons of sparse play have not been that nice. If you look at his averages, there is no fluke season. He's a + .900 save percentage goalie. No fluke anywhere.

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