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08-23-2012, 07:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Fish Invictus View Post
I literally have no idea what you're trying to prove. Your average shows that in his 104ish games he has a .900 or above in 90 games. Your math must be way off, because the reality is that flat out didn't occur.

Edit:If 53 of his games are below .900, he would need to have played 140+ games for your statement to be true. He hasn't done that. At the rate he generally plays (under 10 a year), it would take 3-5 seasons for him to even hit that mark.

It's also worth noting that, per Haute Couturier's post, those numbers still sorta suck for a backup.
Look at his stats again. This isn't that hard.

2002-03 he played in 8 games and had +.900
2003-04 he played 34 games and was at .900
2008-09 he played in 19 games and was +.900
2008-10 he played in 34 games and was +.900

Overall he has played in 104 games and he is over .900 for his career. Being over .900 is not a fluke.

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