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Originally Posted by LSCII View Post
But I'm not talking about running out the clock. I'm talking about managing a running clock while your team is down and in desperate need of a score. That takes a ton of skill, poise, coordination, leadership, and game management. Something that is far easier if the clock is stopped automatically which by it's very nature allows teams to huddle up and get set for each and every play.
Absolutely, its a shame that element of the game is missing in the CFL.

Originally Posted by smack66 View Post
thanks for all the comments. I didnt want this to turn in to an NFL vs CFL. Clearly the NFL has the top players and would be silly to argue otherwise. I guess my point is should someone who dominates, or develops football ( not NFL football but football in general ) be in a Football hall of fame? I would say that football as a whole is on the upswing in Canada and specifically Quebec and some of that is a direct result of the CFL and perhaps star players such as Calvillo. Clearly I'm not comparing his skill level to Manning, Unitas or Montana but what he has done for football awareness as a whole. If the Football Hall of Fame is simply for the best players and builders of the NFL then he doesnt belong. If its truly a football hall of fame then I think he at least gets mentionned.
Thats a different argument, if they want to honor people based on their contributions towards growing the game outside the US, thats fine. But I wouldn't compare their abilities as players, if they could play in the NFL they would. You make more money on an NFL practice squad than in the CFL.

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