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08-23-2012, 11:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Hockey Team View Post
I got what was essentially a salary cut once. I more or less just dragged my feet and cut work as much as I could for the next year or so until I got fired.

If you need to cut the payroll by 20% (just throwing out a #), I think it's better to fire 20% of your workforce versus keeping everyone and cutting everyone's pay by 20%. The former option leaves you with 80% of a motivated workforce, the latter leaves you with your whole workforce but they all resent you now.
As an observer of human nature, I disagree. A lot of how things progress with a cutback (either % of salary or # of jobs) is based on the leadership of the company/organization.

Just finished a book which included a story where the leadership of a company was able to so well communicate their passion (and pain in having to make the changes) that folks were even more enthusiastic about the future of the company (and that folks were able to keep a job, albeit with a reduction in salaries).

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