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Originally Posted by Ferros View Post
I don't think they agreed to this to "screw over" certain clubs. Most clubs would be able to get some good players to their team and the Sedins already said that they wouldn't play in Modo if it was just a short lockout.

It's quite obvious that they did this so teams wouldn't sign expensive short-term contracts that then would force other teams to sign expensive short-term contracts to be able to keep up.

My guess is that this decision is 100% about not putting the teams long term finances in jeopardy because of players that would just spend a few months in the teams. It could be a scenario that for example Erik Karlsson, since you mentioned him, would sign a deal with Frölunda where he plays almost for free/for free. Then some other teams are forced to spend a lot money to get an equivalent of Karlsson if they want to keep up with Frölunda, this could very well be the case for teams like AIK, Växjö and Rögle that could end up fighting for the last playoff spots together with Frölunda. How would that be fair? At least it is the same for everyone as it is now and that's why I think that this is the right decision by the league - even though I would have loved to get Omark, Nilsson and maybe even Justin Williams back to Luleå.
Well, how would EK be any different to when Forsberg played for Modo for free during stretches? It's an open market and the SEL has no salary cap. Technically Frölunda(as the example) could bring in any player at any time(to 31th Jan), any season. And as long as the player insists, virtually for free. Those are the rules.

I respect the decision because I think they're right that it takes away a job for somebody else, especially for youngsters looking up. But I think they could've been a bit more generous and allow a couple of players per team. Two players per team would not hurt anybody, especially since teams are looking to add players well into the season nowadays. I'm pretty sure Zäta's motive for playing with TIK wouldn't be money, likewise any player tightly connected with a club since before. Sponsors would jump all over paying for the insurance costs to bring home a player like that. Not to mention the amount of money new casual fans, better attendance(for every team) and merchandise sales would bring in. You don't need to bring everybody home and risk the fundamentals to drastically increase the interest. As a neutral fan to Elitserien I can assure that my interest would've skyrocketed with just a handful of stars league-wide.

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