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04-30-2006, 03:22 PM
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Originally Posted by JrHockeyFan
I expect that voting on the team is not limited to points scored. If it was, why vote? All you would have to do is fill in the teams based upon points scored.

There are other things to consider like defensive play, checking skills, skating skills, stick handling, passing skills, shooting, sportsmanship, etc.

I see no bias against Europeans. There are 4 chosen, when there are quite few in the league. Pospisil could score but quite frankly he needs to work on the rest of his game. Besides wasn't he a Right Wing? That puts him up against Sergei Kostitsyn and Mitchell for Oshawa. Mitchell scored 43 points for the Gens and was a -1 for Plus/Minus! Even Tavares was a minus 13.[/QUOTE
For the sake of argument if we consider Pospisil a RW (altho he played LW as well as centre)and put him up against Mitchell. He still scored 30 % more ppg than Mitchell,and if you factor in the differential in games - that's close to 40 % higher ppg. Statisically speaking that's a huge differential.

I agree with you that stats aren't everything because like you stated were then whats the point of the exercise. However, having watched the Gens play most Sunday nights ( I live in Ajax and watch them on channel 10 ) Mitchell in my view is a fireplug who's tough and can grind it out. Skillwise, I don't think he can touch Pospisil.
Any fireplug who can pull off a -1 for the Gens (while Tavares with all his points was a -13) must be doing something that requires skills other than scoring.

There isn't much point in arguing one way or the other. Both players are skilled. But I can see why Mitchell got votes.

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