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08-24-2012, 03:17 AM
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Originally Posted by BlackPantherLD View Post
IMHO, Ryan today is worth more then Subban, that is for the ducks. I would be really surprised if they'd trade Ryan for Subban straight up. But potential wise, I think that Subban has what it takes to be another Karlsson.

Keep in mind that the Habs management is not letting Subban play as the Sens let Karlsson play. Habs are trying to make him better defensively as the Sens seem to let Karlsson play as he wants. Therefore, Subban is probably better then Karlsson defensively, but isn't given the opportunity as much as Karlsson to play offensively. But only time will tell if Subban is as good or better then Karlsson and if he is as good or better, then he is definitely worth more then Ryan.
while i agree with your general sentiment, and i will always wonder what subban would do under a coach that would use him to his strengths - whatever those are... And against all expectations, jacques martin turned a player who was supposed to be at best average defensively into very solid shutdown guy. the offensive instincts are still there though. can't wait to see what therrien does with him.

that said, i don't think there is a universe where subban puts up the same amount of points erik did. offensive vision is one reason why, and the lack of a center of spezza's caliber is another one

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