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08-24-2012, 08:37 AM
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Originally Posted by brs03 View Post
He got remarkably lucky (Holtby), and even then barely squeaked by. He turned a good/very good possession team into one that couldn't control play to save their lives.

Full credit to them for getting the guys to buy in to sacrificing themselves for the sake of defense etc. But as a head coach he was, to put it simply, terrible. If you want to say that he would have taken things up in phases and implemented a legitimate system if given enough time, fine. But what we saw was horrible coaching outside of the defensive zone. That's not even touching the questionable lineup decisions.

Now, the fact that he got remarkably lucky when most of the time the Caps seem to get remarkably unlucky might be worth something.

(Despite what this looks like, I'm over it and wish him well. But I won't blame players who didn't like his style and I'd agree with them. He seemed to be neither a good strategist nor a good players' coach, and being neither of those things leaves you with little else. The Bowman analogy has nothing to work with).
This is just ridiculous....first off, how many winning teams arent lucky, to some extent?

your position seems to be Hunter is a "terrible" coach...who just got lucky for 2+ weeks when the real season started.....

thats totally ridiculous.....Im not suggesting he was some genius but seriously, terrible? If you dont think thats big overstatement then youre blinded by some sort of long standing internet arguement or something. Either that or you just flat out have no idea what youre talking about

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