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08-24-2012, 08:43 AM
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Baseball definitely has the most strategy. And that strategy changes with every pitch.
Interestingly, it's also the only sport where the team that's in possession of the ball is actually playing defense.

That said, I tried watching it last Summer, after the cup run, and just couldn't deal with the slow pace. This Summer.....haven't watched a game, less'n its on at a bar, or someone else's house.

Basketball is so effing boring to me. Yes, they're incredible athletes, but the game itself is a drag, especially late when it's nothing but foul, freethrow, foul, freethrow. Plus, the grimaces and wheelchairs every time they get bumped...

Football I love. I never played much organized football as a yute, and I was always small, so all I understood was, "Run a down-out-an-down and I'll hit you in the right corner of the end zone."

As a spectator, I liked the game more and more as I began to understand the nuances of each position, etc.

As to the OP. I really don't care if hockey is popular or not, as long they actually play!

After all, Justin Beiber is more popular than Eric Clapton. Guess which one I like to listen to?

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