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08-24-2012, 10:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Epsilon View Post
Repeating what I posted today on Facebook (which is being flooded with comments by people who have no clue whatsoever about cycling):

For anyone shocked and appalled by the Lance Armstrong news today, a wake-up call: if you have followed the sport of pro cycling for any length of time at any depth, this will come as no surprise at all. If hearing about how riders used performance-enhancing drugs to compete ruins your enjoyment of the sport, you are best to just stop watching or following it completely. If you can accept that almost everyone dopes at some point, but still enjoy it, then welcome to the world of cynical but realistic cycling fans. We are happy to have you.
Not shocked and appalled, but rather disappointed. Is it really too much to ask for the sport to be cleaned up?

Also love the "anyone who disagrees with me knows nothing about cycling" comment btw. Nice touch of elitism.

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