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08-24-2012, 09:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Acadmus View Post
All depends upon where you live, I believe, so you're likely stuck.

I know they have mandatory conscription in Russia (my brother in law got out of it due to health issues, but at one point they were pulling a Soviet-era trick and showing up and dragging young folks off in the middle of the night if they didn't report), and I'm pretty sure I heard/read that they do in Finland and Sweden too. Not sure where else.
I am getting the same crap here. Men are classified from G1 to G5, with G1 being standard duty, to G5 being dismissed because of health issues. I read online that if you have a heart condition, asthma, flat feet, and some other things, you can get a G5 rating, and not have to go. Well, I had SVT, which is heart related, have asthma, and have flat feet, so I need to figure out the proper paperwork because I got a year delay from the military, and that year ends in five months. Its ridiculous that a 34 year old with these types of conditions, needs to go to the military for six months. Hopefully we can figure something out.

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