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Originally Posted by Hobgoblin Steve View Post
Funny you mention that :
I have two degrees, one in Mechanical Engineering, and one in Industrial Design. What I want to do in life is be a toy designer, specifically in nerf guns. While doing my ID degree I took a concentration in Product Design, which I wanted to become my entry level career path. My brother, a software engineer, worked at a company who had a product management group and wanted an intern, so I became an intern for them. After the internship was over, I decided to look into PM since I really enjoyed my time there. Heres what you should know about PM:
Employers dont really hire entry level PMs. They lean towards people with 5-10 years experience in QA/UX design to assume the positions.
That of course didnt really stop me from searching, and in some cases I did find openings for jr PMs, but the competition is really high.
Another thing I've come across is that employers right now are learning that hiring business minded PMs is not the best way to run their company. They are changing from that and are hiring more technical people, people who for example know what an API is. The reason being is that as a PM you will be meeting with QA teams/Software Engineer teams/UX teams/ upper management. Three of those four teams will be tech savvy, and to communicate with them better its better if you understand the lingo and can (very simply) diagram/program it out for them. Being a non technical PM gives those teams another guy standing around them asking "whats with xyz, can we send it to qa yet?" , which gets annoying - they already have those guys with upper management.
Im not trying to get you out of the field, Im just giving you a headsup in the way the field is moving.

Ill add more if I can remember any - Im still lookingfor PM jobs, but I've ended up (probably ended up, waiting for the offer) taking a product design job at Makerbot, which would help in my eventual PM search later.
That definitely makes sense, and my specifically marketing brain certainly puts me at a disadvantage in the field of product management. It's basically the lowest on my list of careers I'd like to pursue.

Thanks for all the info though! and good luck trying to get in there!

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