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Originally Posted by Ogrezilla View Post
1. We are losing money every year we don't make a deep playoff run.

2. That makes us one of the better off teams because plenty of them are hemorrhaging money. Most of the owners have a fairly legitimate gripe. There definitely is a fundamental problem for quite a few owners. We are pretty much right on the border.

I don't think the best solution is to take ALL of the money to fix this from the players. When 3 teams (TOR, MON, NYR) make more profit than the other 27 teams combined, some revenue sharing changes should be made. But at the same time, those owners shouldn't have to fund the entire league just because they are more successful. A lot of these teams need to generate more money and the only other place to get it is from the players.

Obviously, I think the owners initial plan was way too much. But so was the players. The biggest advantage the players have going for them right now is that they are being more media friendly with their off the wall claims. I've said it a few times. Both sides suck. Neither gives a damn about fans. Maybe the players themselves do, but Donal Fehr sure as hell doesn't.

The answer is somewhere between what the two want. But for the best health of a competitive sports league, I think the answers are closer to the owners side. Some combination of expanded revenue sharing and the players taking a smaller cut is what we will eventually see.
Revenue sharing needs to definitely have a limit. You don't want to breed situations where teams get complacent in their position in the league & would rather stay near the floor & make a small profit & be a bad to mediocre team rather than spending more and trying to win.

I'm not so much worried about leaching the sweat from Toronto, Montreal, and New York's collective brow so much as I am about destroying the parity of the league through too much or too little revenue sharing.

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