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08-24-2012, 12:01 PM
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Originally Posted by northern2020 View Post
If your digging the red racer IPA then you would like

1) Garrison Imperial ( Imperial designate 100 IBU minimum )

2) Phillips Hop Circle IPA

3) Red Rogue IPA

4) Fat Tug IPA ( only in BC if your going that way )

5) Phillips Hopernation

6) Tree Brewing Hop IPA + the seasonal double IPA

7) alley cat Red Dragon double IPA
I've had all of those except for 3 & 4. I also think you are mixing up the name for number 3. What brewery makes that one? As for the others they are all fantastic. The Garisson is probably my favorite on that entire list although the Red Dragon is pretty damn close and I only ever had like 2 or 3 bottles of it.

As for the "imperial" marking it doesn't really relate to IBU's at all. Generally when a beer is in the imperial category it just means it will have more malts and fermentable sugars in the beer. Basically the beers starting gravity will be much higher due to the extra malt used in the brewing process. To offset the extra sweetness and higher alcohol level that are common with these types of beers more hopps are often used to balance the flavors. Whether or not the ibu's get to 100 is not a signature of the style but probably dependant on how much extra malts are used. You can have an imperial IPA come in anywhere from 6.5% to possibly 10%. The ones with the higher alchohol will almost more than likely have a higher IBU and could be around that 100 mark but also they may not be.

Double IPA's are more commonly found around the 100 IBU but again it's not a directive for the style but rather a general benchmark. However the Alley Kat Dragon series double ipa's only come in around the 70 IBU mark.

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