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08-24-2012, 12:59 PM
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Originally Posted by cobra427 View Post
Perhaps you are inexperienced or don't understand how the deal process could work and it's potential pitfalls with a multiple investor group. The reason GJ has not said anything in the press is because of guys like you and this entire situation the last 3 years (false starts). GJ would be scrutinized and picked apart by his every word, and asked for a definitive date to close. If he says 2 weeks, 15 days later, see he lied, the deal is off, its fake, whatever. If I were him, or advising him, I would not say one word about any details, say whom the investors are, or the timing to the press. It could actually hurt the process.

There are literally hundreds of legitimate reasons why this can take longer then expected, and 98 of them do not have to do with weather he has the (99)money from investors or this is an (100) NHL derived scam. Once it either closes or falls apart, we will find out what all of the hoops were in the process. Crying wolf again, would anyone care or listen anyway, no, he needs to close it, then speak.
On May 7, 2012 GJ said he should be able to finalize a lease agreement with the COG in weeks not months. I assume we are getting closer.

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