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08-24-2012, 01:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Flamesarmstrong22 View Post
Well now I am really considering the trade because not only is vermette a typo but I discovered last night that stajan also has to be a typo. Hudler is in front of him on the depth chart and is rated 81 which means stajan has to be lower than a 81 which leads me to believe that stajan is not a 82 but instead is a 72. Also I already traded babchuk so he would no longer be in the trade, instead it's Chris butler. Trade looks like:


But also he's getting Glencross for a 4th because between the other 4 players involved in the deal he is dropping 11 points from vermette to stajan and 4 points from klesla to butler. That's 15 point drop! Which is pretty big, in a way I think I would be ripping him off. I get the best player in the deal in vermette who is a point higher than Glencross than get another 82 in klesla for two players in the 70's one of them very low 70's (stajan,72)
Thats horrible for you, you give up a Top 5ish D, Top 6 Winger and a 3rd line Center for a 2nd Line Center, 4th liner and a 4th round pick.

Simply awful for you.

I doubt Stajan is a 73 lowest I could reasonably see is 78. He is likely an 80-82.

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