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08-24-2012, 02:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Shrimper View Post
Sorry but the Owners have made themselves out to be complete buffoons in this so far. I'm on the players side.
Then you are taking an inherently anti-Penguins position Shrimper.

I have a theory about this. Fehr is known as a Wizerd of Media Manipulation in some circles. The owners, knowing they are totally outclassed, won't even bother trying to win the PR battle Fehr is manipulating.

And one of the biggest problems for owners is the complicated nature of this negotiation. For instance, they are not going to come out and say that if they let Fehr win this round and build stronger support in the NHLPA, that they are cutting their's and our's throats for the next negotiation. A lot of these folks are thinking "better to sacrifice half a season now, than a whole season-or even longer-in the next negotiation.

Also, try explaining to fans the challenging internal dynamic amongst small-market and big-market owners.... They won't even go there because sowing internal ownership discord is how Fehr beat Baseball contract after contract.

If you care to look, there is plenty of data to be Googled that shows the NHL is in trouble again financially. Once they broke the players in the last lockout, they were too generous in final negotiations, probably because things were already so slanted towards the players that they were already giving up a ton compared to what they had per-lockout, when the NHLPA was getting over 70% of the revenues.

Finally-at the end of the last lockout the owners did not anticipate the rapid change in market conditions brought on by the weakening US Dollar, that would allow teams like Toronto, Monteal, and Vancouver to pull so far ahead of other markets that costs would get out of hand for the majority of teams.

Such are my informed opinions.

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