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08-24-2012, 02:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Walnut View Post
Should Corey Trivino (NYI), Travis Erstad (STL), Andrew Glass (WSH) & Vinny Saponari (WPG) have been on this list?

Saponari was drafted in '08. Joined Boston U for the next year, spent his 3rd year in the USHL before returning to college at Northeastern.

Glass stayed another year in high school after being drafted in 2007. He then went to Boston U for 3 years and spent last year at Carleton U in the CIS.

Erstad was drafted in '07, spent following year in USHL, then went to College. He didn't play in 2010/11 but returned to Wisconsin Stevens point last season.

Trivino just finished his 4th year at College after being drafted in '08
This list was for players that needed to be signed by August 15.

Just because Trivino had hockey stats in his 4th year doesn't mean he "finished his 4th year". He played during the fall semester of his fourth year but was kicked off the team in December. The link says that he was "no longer enrolled" [for his senior spring semester].

The rule as stated in the post above says, "...A Player...does not remain a bona fide college student through the graduation of his college class, his drafting Club shall retain exclusive rights for the negotiation of his services until the fourth June 1 following his selection in the Entry Draft."

In Saponari's case, he left college to play in the USHL. See rule above.

Maybe Erstad should be on the August 15, 2013, list because he missed the 2010-11 due to injury. I think the CBA may say the player has to remain with his graduating class but it could be really dependent on college eligibility. Maybe if Erstad stayed in college while injured, he can play hockey as a 5th year student or graduate. I'm not sure.

Andrew Glass was dismissed from Boston University in December 2010. Once that happened (in the middle of an academic year), he was no longer a bona fide college student (i.e., didn't attend in the Spring 2011 semester) no matter if he transferred to another college. See rule above.

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