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Originally Posted by Erza Scarlet View Post
I don't mind capping the # of trades per year/season. Limiting the # of assets traded per year, I believe that will go by very quickly. Maybe limit how much of your roster you can overturn?

-I believe the regular season is only 2 weeks, so each season shoud be around 1 month.

-This is the way I've had it set up in my league. You play the first 20 games (either computer or the real opponent if he's online, you're free to do less games), sim the rest of the season until the final 10 games (where you must play all of it). Playing the final 10 games means you have the chance to make the playoffs or not and that destiny is in your hands. Would be great for rivalry. Then you play all the playoffs. You would have to set up the times with your opponents.
That's what i'm confused about. During the video it shows "NHL Schedule Length" and the caption says "This determines how much time in the NHL Schedule is playable during every game period the league advances." I have absolutely no idea what that entails. Does it mean you can play two weeks of the real NHL Schedule during a time period that is manually rolled over?

Originally Posted by Go For It View Post
The only problem I see with that system is that 2 weeks is a pretty decent amount of time for a team who didn't make the playoffs to do nothing.
Valid point.

Originally Posted by cheesesteak View Post

Untouchable for the most part: Kopitar - Doughty - Quick - Richards - Brown - Gagne - Carter - Williams(This is the order I value them). I want to try keeping the former Flyers and acquiring more(current or past). I'm open to all offers but I'll probably wait to see how the season is going before I decide on making any moves. Is there free agency?

I would trade Kopitar+ for Giroux or Kopitar + Brown+ for Giroux + Hartnell....No idea what the + would be and I doubt you're interested in moving them unless it's huge overpayment so I doubt it would get done but I guess it's worth a shot.
Probably won't happen haha.

Originally Posted by Kangiroux View Post
I dont know about the trade cap thing.... Alot of us got teams that we only like a couple players. I figure the whole point of this is to field a team of players you like. Now if I was the Flyers I would be cool with the trade cap. I mean if its like 10 - 12 thats fine too. JMO.
I just don't want people going trade crazy. The idea of all 30 teams being different a week into the season is a major turn off to me.


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