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12-04-2003, 11:39 AM
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Boy oh boy

Originally Posted by Axis
1.) 2003 draft - passing up Zach Parise. Now the number 1 prospect in the Devils system.

2.) 2002 draft - not drafting Jiri Hudler. A young centre who made this years Red Wings team.

3.) signing Tommy Salo to a 3.9 million dollar contract after an awful 2003 playoffs and shaky second half in 2002 (after returning from the 2002 Olympics).

4.) keeping your best player, Ryan Smyth, at 3rd line centre instead of keeping him in his position of 1st line LW (one of the best in the league).

5.) Not signing the franchise player, Mike Comrie, in favour of Tommy Salo (who was the worst of the underachievers in last year's playoffs).

6.) Playing Mike York (with one arm) ahead of a healthy Jason Chimera.

7.) Taking too long to trade Tom Poti. Then, when he returned, playing him with a young Eric Brewer rather than a veteran. Then trading him along with a big, veteran centre in Rem Murray for a small forward. Note: we missed the playoffs that year. Although Mike Comrie carried the team on his back that season (2001/2002 - 60 points) while Ryan Smyth was injured.

8.) Playing Igor Ulanov with one bad eye in the 2000-2001 playoffs rather than playing a healthy Sean Brown.

9.) Trading Sean Brown for Bobby Allen.

10.) Trading Mike Grier for 2 draft picks.

11.) Drafting Alexei Mikhinov (no.17) ahead of Brian Sutherby in 2000's entry draft. Accoring to the Edmonton Journal, at last years trade deadline Lowe tried to trade Niinimaa for Sutherby.

12.) Drafting Jani Rita (no.13) ahead of Barret Jackman (no.17) in 1999's draft.

13.) Not getting Barrett Jackman in the Doug Weight trade from St.Louis.

14.) Having too much depth at forward and very little on defense.

15.) Making it hard to like the Oilers: Comrie, Carter, Niinimaa, etc. ....

In management I'm holding Kevin Lowe, Kevin Prendergast, Scott Howson and even Craig MacTavish responsible. I would rather the Oilers fire MacTavish than trade Mike Comrie. Any Oiler fans who miss Comrie, Carter or Niinimaa, how do you feel ?

I will respond.

1) How can you blame them for that. There are many stars in college (ie. Steve Kariya, etc) that were good in college but too small for here. i like Pouliott unless he is injury prone.

2) What has Jiri done?He has not impressed at all so far.

3) I agree it is a bit high but there are not many starting/experienced goalies making less.

4) Who would you try at centre?

5) It was Mike's decision not to sign not management's.

6) Would have this made any difference? Nope

7) 95% of the Oiler fans would do this again and 95% of NYR fans would reverse this trade in a second. If you cannot see that then well what can we do for you?

8) Igor had a very good season and Sean Brown is at best a 7th defenceman. He was also inexperienced.

9) WHat is wrong with this. Sean is toiling in the minors right with Bobby.

10) This is your biggest mistake here. Colin McDonald and J.F Jaques will be both be miles ahead of Grier.

11) This was not Lowe's draft pick. The souts were in charge of this draft. Lowe just took over. If you have been keeping tabs on our prospects you would see how Mihkonov has blossomed. It will be nice to have a 6'5" centre with skill in the lineup. What has Sutherby done so far?

12) Hindsight is 20/20 and that is what drafting is all about.

13) Jackman was not available from St.Louis. Lowe trie to get him. Sorry no could do.

14) Our depth at forward right now is not that great. A lot of our big draft picks are a couple of years away. You draft the best player's available and then you can trade them for what you want.

15) I think quite a few people like the Oilers and trading Carter makes it that much easier in my view.

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