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Originally Posted by AwesomePanthers View Post
Wow.. insult alert.. stop hurting my feelings

Whats up with the sensitive Habs fans? Ryan is a lot more valuable than Subban, I don't understand how thats even debatable.
You are correct. You do not "understand", and that is the problem. Most Habs fans agree that Ryan is worth a little more. What the difference is will vary depending upon team needs and desires.

Here is the problem. Ryan is a top 15 winger in the game. Subban is a top 20 defenceman in the league. There is a perception with some that a top defenceman is harder to develop than a top winger, so that increases Subban's value. On the other side, Ryan has proven to be a 30+ goal scoring power forward which is also incredibly valuable. Both have potential to improve. That is why value should be more subjective based on team needs. Most people will definitely concede Ryan is worth more in a trade, but will disagree on the value of the difference. Personally, I think Subban and a 2nd round pick or equivalent prospect/player should equal Ryan in terms of value. Others will have varying ideas. Habs fans get a little touchy with statements like Rayn is worth Subban, a 1st +++ or other such nonsense. It is an interesting debate, and some people get a bit touchy when they feel their star player is being slighted, but it is fun to watch and engage in, I must admit.

So, as a Habs fan, I can see Subban + a 2nd (or equivalent player/prospect) as being equal value to Ryan. I am not saying this is an actual trade either team's fans will accept, just what I feel is the appropriate value. I see attacks on the horizon, but I look forward to them.

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